How to Start an Emergency Dental Practice in Dallas

A Dallas, Texas based dentist named Jason Pitman has continued to blaze the trail despite his very humble beginnings. He was keen on starting his own Dallas emergency dental office even when the finances were not looking so good. His dream which took root over 3 years ago still baffles some established Dallas dentists who saw how his vision blossomed. Dr. Gary E. Alhadef of Dallas Cosmetic Dental practice in Douglas Avenue, Dallas; still recalls his first encounter with Dr. Pitman. He saw the fire in his eyes and did not want to dampen his enthusiasm and Dr. Alhadef is glad to see Dr. Pitman succeed.

T24 Hour dentist in Dallashere are other notable names such as Dr. Jaime Osorio of Buckner Family dental and the owners of Perfect grin dental Practice (Dr. Jeffrey V. Jones and Dr. Kelly Buck) who attest to the amazing feat achieved by Dr. Pitman. In their view, it is quite capital intensive to run a Dallas emergency dental service and only few dentists are able to weather the storm to succeed. Interestingly, in the light of today’s realities, Dr. Jason Pitman is a leading emergency dentist in Dallas but he believes that sharing his story will help other individuals live true to their dreams.

How it happened

When it became so strong in the heart of Dr. Pitman to start his emergency dental office in Dallas; he quickly called a few friends to share his vision. He did not expect anything in return but some individuals quickly started supporting him with Cash and other materials. This move touched Dr. Pitman and he decided that he will not fail these individuals that have so much confidence in him. He spent most of his time researching how to start an emergency dental office with little capital. There were a few success stories of those who have achieved such on the Internet and Dr. Pitman decided to visit some of them for further guidance.

His encounter with those who started with little but now boast of thriving dental practices was an eye opener. His passion to hit the ground running became quite strong and he set a date to start his practice. Dr. Pitman believed that starting is halfway to victory and there was nothing that will make him look back. This decision proved to be quite decisive as his first major client was impressed by his confidence and invested huge resources to get his practice going!

This big break did not only help this young dentist to move to the next level; it helped to inspire every professional involved in the field of dental emergencies in Dallas. Dr. Pitman was buoyed by this huge support and he quickly floated his website – – TX Office open 24 hours. His foray into the web opened his practice to a wide range of clients and the rest like they say is history. The first step to keep pressing even when he had very little capital kept snowballing into sudden forward movements that has gained huge momentum today. Dr. Jason Pitman believes that every dream can become a reality if people dare to take decisive steps.

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